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Aidi Description

The Aidi is a dog breed that originates in the country of Morocco. They were used to guard cattle, and are also known for being a skilled hunter. These dogs will stand at a maximum height of 25 inches and will weigh no more than 55 pounds.

They are powerful bodies that are muscular, and their coats are dense and coarse and will protect them in a wide variety of different weather conditions. The head of the Aidi could be likened to a bear. It has a shape that fits well with the rest of the body. The muzzle of this dog breed should taper. The jaws of this breed are exceptionally powerful. The ears should be moderate in size, and the acceptable coat colors for the Aidi are black, white, red, or a black and white combination. These dogs were first recognized in the 1960s.

Atlas Shepherd Dog Aidi Dog

Also Known As

Chien de l’Atlas
Atlas Shepherd Dog


The Aidi is a breed that has large amounts of energy. In addition to being hunters, they are known for their scent abilities. These dogs are strong and make good watchdogs. However, these dogs are known for their sensitivity, and it is important for owners to make sure they train them with kindness.

These dogs will react based on the tone of your voice. When it comes to hunting, these dogs are revered and have often been compared to the Sloughi, another Moroccan breed. They have an intense amount of loyalty to their masters.

Health Problems

The Aidi is a healthy breed. There are not disorders that are specific to them. Any disorders they develop are common to all dogs, and owners will want to take the necessary steps to treat them. This breed will have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The Aidi has extensive amounts of endurance, and it is important for owners to make sure these dogs get large amounts of exercise. They should be taken for long walks, and they also make good partners for those who like to jog. The living conditions for these dogs aren’t well known. They should function well in a small to medium-sized yard, but they may be able to live indoors as well.

Special Grooming Needs

The Aidi has a coat that will at least need moderate amounts of care. Owners will want to make sure it is brushed on a consistent basis, and mats should be removed if they become present in the fur. The shedding patterns of these dogs are not known.