Akbash dog breed

Akbash Dog Description

The Akbash Dog is a large breed. They can weight anywhere from 90 to 130 pounds. They stand between 23 to 35 inches in height and have very large, powerful heads and very strong, muscular builds. The breed usually has white fur that is a medium length and very coarse to the touch. They have wide set almond eyes that can be golden brown or very dark brown, almost black, in color.

The Akbash Dog breed originated over three thousand years ago, in the area now known as Western Turkey. The breed was generally used as a sheep herding dog but was also used for hunting and some other uses around farms. The Akbash Dog breed is now considered rare due to the falling popularity of the breed in the last century.



The Akbash Dog is not a breed that is well suited for an owner with little knowledge of the breed or canines in general. Since they are still quite primitive, they can be very dominant and are almost always naturally aggressive.

The Akbash Dog is never recommended for households with children under the age of eight. An owner must raise an Akbash Dog from a very early age in order to ensure that he or she will submit to them because of their strong wills and bullheadedness. They are very loud barkers and do make great guard dogs since they feel the need to own and protect their homes.

Health Problems

The Akbash Dog breed, as with any dog breed of such a large size, is in some cases, afflicted with hip dysplasia. These conditions seem to affect the Akbash Dog breed less often than they do with most other large breeds though, due to their sturdy construction from hundreds of years of breeding for their strength.


An Akbash Dog usually does best when it has a job to perform. Doing this job will give the breed an efficient amount of exercise. Overall, they are not a breed that requires “play time”. They do however need to be let run free as they are not keen on walking on leashes.

Special Grooming Needs

Akbash Dogs have very unique coats. Their coats are very hard and harsh and ward off odor amazingly well. They do not require bathing often. Brushing is necessary during shedding periods though to aide in the removal of the undercoat because they do tend to shed more often than other dog breeds.