The Australian Shepherd is a moderate-sized dog that has large amounts of energy. The ears should have the shape of triangles, and the tip should have a circular shape. The coat should be somewhat wavy, and it will protect the dog from extreme weather conditions. The length and texture of the coat is dependent on the climate.

These dogs will have bobtails that are docked. The length of the Australian Shepherd should be a bit longer than its height. The chest should be powerful, and both of the front legs should be straight. It is mandatory for owners to remove the back dewclaws, while the front dewclaws may or may not be removed. The teeth should form a scissors bite, and the acceptable colors for the coat include liver, black, or blue merle.

The interesting thing about this breed is that it was not bred in Australia. It is actually a breed that was first bred in the United States to work on ranches in the 19th Century.

Also Known As

Australischer Schäferhund


The Australian shepherd is a joyful breed that loves to play. It has large amounts of courage and is great with children. These dogs are protective of those that care for them and make good watchdogs. While they are loving and calm with humans, they can be aggressive when they are dealing with cattle. These dogs are extremely intelligent and need to be mentally stimulated. If they are left alone for long periods of time, they can become problematic. They are cautious with strangers, and owners will want to train them while they’re young.

Health Problems

These dogs are prone to becoming blind and deaf. It is important for buyers to check the hearing of the puppy before they make a purchase. The bobtails of these dogs have been known to cause spinal problems. Nasal solar dermatitis is another problem that owners will want to watch for. The Australian Shepherd has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


These dogs need extensive amounts of exercise, and this is not optional for owners who want them to behave properly. If the Australian Shepherd isn’t given the exercise it needs, it can develop a large number of behavioral problems. This breed is not good for apartment dwellers. They will need to be placed in a large yard.

Special Grooming Needs

The coat of these dogs is simple to care for. Owners will want to use a brush whenever it is needed, and these dogs should rarely have to be bathed. The Australian Shepherd will shed a standard amount of fur.