Beagle Description

The Beagle is a well known breed which has a square build. It has a smooth coat, and is easy to care for. The coat will be either white, orange, or red in color. The coat has a moderate length, and may also have a lemon color.


The Beagle has the appearance of an English Foxhound, though it is smaller. It has a wide skull which is somewhat round, and it has a muzzle that is square in shape. The Beagle has wide nostrils, and this gives them an enhanced sense of smell. The ideal Beagle will have eyes that are hazel in color, and their tails should not be curled over their backs. One characteristic which is known in this breed is their ability to howl while they are hunting.

Also Known As

English Beagle


The Beagle is a calm dog that is kind to virtually everyone. These dogs enjoy wagging their tails and are very sociable. However, they are courageous, and this is an important trait for a dog that is used for hunting. The Beagle is good with children, and it will behave well with other dogs as well. Because of this, the Beagle is the ideal dog for the family.

Owners will want to make sure the dog is trained to behave around other pets such as cats, since they have a tendency to hunt animals that are smaller than them.

Health Problems

The Beagle has been known to suffer from heart problems, and it may also develop ailments that affect its eyes or back. These dogs are also subject to dwarfism. They have a life expectancy of about 15 years.


The Beagle has a large amount of endurance and will need excessive amounts of exercise. It is best that owners have a yard that is medium in size when they purchase a Beagle. Owners will also want to take these dogs for a walk on a daily basis. Owners should never unleash this dog, as it will chase any animals that it considers to be prey.

Special Grooming Needs

The Beagle has a smooth coat that doesn’t require you to care for it daily. You will want to use a strong brush on it, and you should only use mild soap when giving it a bath. You will want to make sure the ears are clean, as this dog can easily get ear infections. The nails should also be trimmed, and this dog sheds a standard amount of fur.

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