Berger des Picard Description

The Berger des Picard is a dog that is moderate in size, but it has a muscular body. It should have a length that is a bit longer than its height. The tail length should extend to the hock, and the coat of these dogs should have a rough appearance. The coat texture of the Berger des Picard could be described as being dense.

The acceptable coat colors for this breed are bluish grey, grey & black, grey, or reddish grey. Fawn is acceptable as well. The ears of the Berger des Picard should stand upright, and they should be broad near the bottom. While the eyebrows should be prominent, they should never cover the eyes.

Also Known As

Berger Picard
Picardy Sheepdog
Picardy Shepherd


While these dogs can be reserved, they may also be calm or nervous. When owners train these dogs, it is important for them to use consistency. The training should be balanced, and owners will want to convey the impression of reassurance.

The Berger des Picard is a dog that owners will not want to place in a kennel. They must feel like they are a part of the family. It is also important to make sure this breed is socialized while they are puppies. It will get along with animals that it is raised with. However, some of these dogs may bark excessively, and this can be a source of annoyance.

Health Problems

The Berger des Picard is susceptible to developing hip dysplasia, and this breed may also experience eye problems while they are puppies. In addition to this, PRA is also a frequently seen problem. The Berger des Picard has a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


This breed requires extensive amounts of exercise. The Berger des Picard loves to run and swim, and owners will also want to take it on long walks.

These dogs have large amounts of agility, and they have also been known to do well in obedience competitions. If these dogs are given the exercise they need, they can function fine in apartments. If it is placed in the yard, the size is not important. In fact, leaving these dogs alone in the yard can cause problems, as they like to be around their families.

Special Grooming Needs

The Berger des Picard does not need large amounts of grooming. The coat may only need to be brushed or combed twice a month. The coat does not need to be cut or washed, and these dogs will shed a standard amount of fur.