All About Glucosamine For Dogs Including Dosage and Side Effects

glucosamine for dogs treatment

Background Significant causes of arthritis include trauma, joint instability, bone infections, and autoimmune disorders. Large dog breeds are usually more predisposed to arthritis, but overall it affects all dog breeds, ages, and sizes. Dog Glucosamine is a sugar produced by the body which helps in the formation of substances called glycosaminoglycan. These are building blocks…

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The Top Six Most Common Illnesses Afflicting Aging Dogs

These Are The Top Six Most Common Illnesses Afflicting Aging Dogs1

Just like human beings, dogs go through various changes in their senior years. Owners may notice changes in behavior such as decreased agility, exercise intolerance, immobility and decreased enthusiasm towards their owners, toys, etc. If your dog is suffering from arthritis you might want to check our glucosamine for dogs article. Below we highlight and…

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5 Effective Ingredients For Joint Pain Relief

the 5 most effective ingredients

Joint pain and immobility are common symptoms of degenerative conditions such as arthritis, ligament and tendon injuries, cancer and hip dysplasia. Senior dogs are predisposed to these conditions due to the wear and tear affecting bones and supporting structures which comes with old age. Below we discuss ingredients effective in alleviating these symptoms, therefore, improving…

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Can Dogs Eat Pears? – Know What To Avoid

can dogs eat pear

Many people love pears for they are sweet and juicy. Since we love our dogs so much, we tend to feed our dogs with everything we eat. Sometimes this behavior can cause problems for our lovely dogs. You should know that not all fruits out there are friendly to our dogs. So the question that…

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Can Dogs Eat Mango? How Much Is Enough?

can dogs eat mango

Many of us wonder if dogs can really eat mangoes.  The answer to this is yes dogs can eat mango meat. This is because the meat has a lot of vitamins that are healthy for your dog. This is if the mango is well peeled and the pit is removed. However, the amount of mango…

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Can Dogs Eat Cherries? – Watch Out For These Dangers…

can dogs eat cherries

There is no doubt that dogs are the most loved pets in the world. You can find a dog in nearly every home. This close relationship between dogs and human beings has led to strong bonds between dog owners and their pets. Do you own a dog? Do you enjoy giving him/her treats quite often?…

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Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? – Time To Find Out!

can dogs eat lettuce

Dogs are loved and adored by many, sometimes we allow our dogs to eat every kind of food we take. You should know that allowing your dog to eat every kind of food you have in your house is not the best for your fido. So amongst other questions, you might be wondering if dogs…

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