Border Collie Description

The Border Collie is a moderate-sized breed that has lots of energy and is similar to the Australian Shepherd. It has a broad skull, and the ears will be slightly perked. The eyes are oval-shaped, and maybe dark brown or blue in color. The teeth of the ideal Border Collie should have a scissors bite, and while the tail may be raised when the dog is energetic, it should not be held over the back for extended periods of time.

There are two variations of this breed, and one will have smooth fur, while the other will have fur that is coarse. The coat color for this breed should be white, black, red, and gray. The Border Collie was bred primarily for its ability to work, so a higher emphasis is often placed on intelligence rather than beauty.


The Border Collie is a highly intelligent breed. They are quick to obey commands, and they enjoy receiving praise from their masters. Because of their intelligence, Border Collies are easy to train.

They are also very agile, and a number of competitions have been held to showcase their agility. Though the Border Collie will generally get along with children and other dogs, it may be hostile to some male dogs. Once the Border Collie gets older, it may attempt to dominate those that care for it and is not an ideal family dog.

Health Problems

While Border Collies tend to be healthy, they may develop hip dysplasia, eye disorders, and PRA. Fleas are known for causing allergic reactions in some Border Collies. This breed has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


Border Collies need extensive amounts of exercise. In addition to their physical health, these dogs thrive on being mentally stimulated as well. Border Collies are not good for those that live in small apartments or homes. Owners will want to have a large yard, and these dogs should be taken on long walks. They enjoy playing with balls, and they were also bred to enjoy hard work as well. These dogs are not recommended for owners who don’t have enough time or space to give to them.

Special Grooming Needs

This breed has a coat that needs to be combed or brushed on a consistent basis. Owners will need to spend a lot of time caring for these dogs when they begin shedding fur. You will want to check your Border Collie for ticks as much as possible. These dogs shed a standard amount of fur.