Borzoi Description

The Borzoi is a tall dog that has a noble appearance. Their heads will have a narrow shape, and the muzzle will feature a small arch. The tail should have an extended length with a curve that hangs low. The nose and eyes should be dark in color. While the ears should fall back when the dog is relaxed, they may stand upright when the dog becomes active. The Borzoi has a narrow chest, and their coats will have a smooth texture.

The coat of the Borzoi may either be curly or wavy. The acceptable colors are tan, gray, gold, or white. Black patches may also be present.

Also Known As

Russian Wolfhound
Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya


The Borzoi is kind and intelligent. They have a demeanor that matches their appearance. They are noble dogs and are reliable to those that care for them. While they can be trained to obey commands, they are free-spirited dogs who will want to do things their own way.

They will not work as hard to please their owners and some dog breeds. Despite this, the Borzoi is a quick learner and can groom itself. These dogs are exceptionally quiet, and will not bark a lot. While the Borzoi will behave with other dogs, owners will want to monitor it when it is around pets that aren’t canines. These dogs are natural hunters and will chase animals that run from them.

Health Problems

These dogs don’t take well to certain medications. They may develop bloat, and they are very selective about the foods they eat. It is important for owners to make sure they are not overfed, and they should never be taken out for an exercise just after they’ve eaten. The Borzoi has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The Borzoi is a hunting breed that needs large amounts of exercise. Owners will want to let them run off the leash, but this should only be done in a safe area. These dogs are great for people who like to jog. These dogs will chase any small animals they encounter, and it is important for owners to keep control of them. The Borzoi can live in an apartment if it is given an extensive amount of exercise, but it will perform best in a small yard.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have extensive coats that are easy to maintain. Owners will want to use a strong comb or brush on a regular basis, and bathing should rarely be needed. The fur between the toes should be clipped. The Borzoi will shed large amounts of fur during their shedding season.