Boston Terrier Description

The Boston Terrier is a breed that has a muscular build. They will have a short muzzle, and their eyes will be dark and circular in shape. The ears of the Boston Terrier should always stand upright. Their head is wide and flat, but no wrinkles should be present. The neck should have a small arch, and the chest should be powerful and wide.

The fur of these dogs should be short and glossy, and the colors of the coat should be brown, white, black, or brindle.

Also Known As

Boston Bull Terrier


While the Boston Terrier was originally used in dog fights, it has been bred to reduce these fighting instincts. It is an active dog which is very intelligent, and it will behave well when it is properly trained. The owner must careful with the way they speak to these dogs, as they will react based on your tone of voice. Because of their intelligence, Boston Terriers are easy to train. Many owners have said that Boston Terriers are excellent watchdogs. While they are good with children, they don’t make good guard dogs because they are friendly with strangers as well. These dogs are immensely popular in the US.

Health Problems

Boston Terriers may have breathing problems if they are exposed to high levels of exercise in hot weather. They are also known for drooling. Heart problems are well known with this breed, and their eyes can be hurt easily. If they are not bred properly, these dogs could have skull abnormalities that could lead to mental problems. The Boston Terrier has a maximum life expectancy of about 15 years.


It is important for owners to make sure these dogs get reasonable amounts of exercise. They should be taken for walks, and they should be allowed to run and play in a secure area. These dogs are well balanced, and can function well in apartments or yards. However, they cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions. They should not be taken for long walks in weather that is unusually hot or cold.

Special Grooming Needs

The Boston Terrier has a smooth coat that only requires simple care. You will want to use a comb or brush when the coat needs to be groomed, and the face and eyes should be cleaned each day. Owners will want to be gentle when cleaning around the eyes. It is also important to check the ears to make sure no ticks are present. These dogs will shed a standard amount of fur.