Boxer Description

The Boxer has a powerful, muscular body that is well proportioned. The coat is smooth and shiny, and it will be either brindle, white, red, or fawn in color. The tail of the Boxer will generally be docked. While some may have ears that are cropped, this is not mandatory.

The head of these dogs should be proportional to their bodies, and they should not have any wrinkles. The lower jaw will have an extension that is longer than the upper jaw, and it will curve up. When the mouth is closed, the teeth or tongue should not be visible. The Boxer will have a sizeable nose that should be black in color. The dog should also carry its tail high.

The Boxer is the descendant of German mastiffs, and they are also related to the bulldog as well. These dogs are popular among hunters because of their endurance.

Also Known As

Deutscher Boxer
German Boxer


The Boxer is a cheerful breed that is playful and intelligent. Though they can be trained, they can sometimes be strong-willed. These dogs will quickly connect with those that care for them. There are excellent family dogs, and they enjoy playing with children. A Boxer that is well trained will get along with other dogs and pets. However, female boxers have been known to fight other female dogs. The boxer will paw at toys and other items, and it is said that this is where it got its name.

Health Problems

The Boxer is a breed that suffers from a number of health problems. Some of the most serious conditions are sub-aortic stenosis, cardiomyopathy, and epilepsy. Some of these dogs may also develop tumors after they have become adults. In addition to this, they may also drool. The Boxer has a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


Boxers are muscular dogs that are highly active. They will need to get large amounts of exercise on a daily basis. Owners will want to take them on long walks, and they also enjoy playing fetch. They can live in an apartment if they get good amounts of exercise, but they will perform best in a moderate-sized yard.

Special Grooming Needs

The Boxer has a smooth coat that is simple to maintain. Owners will want to use a brush with sturdy bristles, and they should only be bathed when they need it. The Boxer has oils in their skin that will be removed if they are given baths too frequently.