Many people love pears for they are sweet and juicy. Since we love our dogs so much, we tend to feed our dogs with everything we eat. Sometimes this behavior can cause problems for our lovely dogs. You should know that not all fruits out there are friendly to our dogs.

So the quescan dogs eat peartion that follows is, can dogs eat pears?

The answer is yes dogs can eat pears. Pears are safe for consumption for dogs. This, however, should not mean feeding your dog with large quantities of pears fruits. The period between feeding your dog with pears should be prolonged. When this fruit is given to the dogs in the right amounts it can be brought in a lot of benefits to this pet.

Pears are rich in fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. this said however, one should know that giving your dog too many pears can be bad for him/her. The dog may experience an upset stomach and diarrhea. According to research, your dog should only take a ten percent amount of pears to the whole meal it is supposed to take in a day. If you are feeding pears to small dogs it is wise to slice it into smaller pieces. His is because whole pears may too much and may bring a choking hazard to your dog.

There are some hazards associated with feeding pears to dogs. It is true to say pears are safe for dog’s consumption but even so, they pose a choking hazard. So when feeding your dog with pears, ensure that you have chopped it into smaller pieces and then closely monitor how your dog feeds on them.

What to avoid

Additionally, pears seed contain some traces of toxin cyanide. It is very vital to ensure that you remove all the seeds from the pears before feeding it to the dogs. The cyanide contained in the seeds of the pears is toxic for the dogs. More so these seeds can increase the occurrence of choking to these dogs.

Are canned pears good for your dog?

You should know that canned pears are not good for dogs. This is the case for all other types of canned fruits. Canned pears normally contain a lot of sugar which can be a cause of irritation to your dog’s digestive tract. This may end up to bringing the obesity issue. The best pears to feed dogs with the once that are ripe and fresh.

How should one serve his or her dog with pears?

You should give your dog small amounts of pears that are sliced on an occasional basis. This is because these fruits have a lot of sugar in it. Therefore it is worth noting that too much sugar and fiber can because of stomach upsets to our lovely dogs. Also one should refrain from feeding the dog with pears seed, stems or leaves. This is because they contain traces of a substance known as cyanide which is toxic to the dogs. A dog that is overweight should not be fed with pears because the high quantity of sugar in it will only add to the weight can lead to diabetes for the dog.

Here are some benefits pears can bring to your dog if consumed in the right amounts.

As you can see this juicy fruit is beneficial to our dogs and they will enjoy it. These benefits will only be achieved if you feed the dog with the right amount of these fruits. You should ensure that it is fresh and ripe.

Also, refrain from feeding your dog with canned pears because it contains added sugars. These sugars are bad for the health of your dog for it brings in issues such as stomach irritation. It is also good to know that too many pears fed to a dog in one sitting can cause some problems such as vomiting. It can also lead to weight gain which is not right for the dogs. Ensure you only incorporate pears into your dog’s main diet. You should not assume that your dog is fed just because you gave it a few pieces of pear.


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