All About Glucosamine For Dogs Including Dosage and Side Effects

glucosamine for dogs treatment

Background Significant causes of arthritis include trauma, joint instability, bone infections, and autoimmune disorders. Large dog breeds are usually more predisposed to arthritis, but overall it affects all dog breeds, ages, and sizes. Dog Glucosamine is a sugar produced by the body which helps in the formation of substances called glycosaminoglycan. These are building blocks…

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Is Pet Insurance The Right Move For You?

dog pet insurance

Pet insurance is designed to make it affordable for any pet owner to provide their dog or cat with the best possible health and accident care. There are several different pet insurance to choose from. Some just cover accidents, some cover illness, and some cover both. Veterinarian costs have skyrocketed (just like everything else), and…

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Pet Vaccinations – Pros and Cons

Recently, I had a client whose dog had a bad reaction to a vaccination. Although vaccinations are now a regular part of vet care for our pets and covered by some pet insurance, it’s a topic that has its share of controversy. In this article, I want to talk about the protective value of vaccines,…

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10 Natural Ways to Reduce Dog Joint Pain and Discomfort

Dog Arthritis Joint Pain

Having a pet is just like having a kid, there is nothing more stressful than seeing them in pain. As dog owners, we all try to keep them happy and healthy, however, we might not know when diseases like arthritis may strike, glucosamine for dogs is a great alternative. There are a number of pain…

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If You Don’t Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth, This Will Happen

dog dental work

Did you know that four out of five senior dogs have some sort of periodontal disease? This is why the America Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends dental checkups for seniors at least once a year. Dog teeth care is a necessary step in removing plaque that may cause dental problems in your pet. In addition,…

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