Dangerous Dog Depression Signs and Best Treatment

Dog depression

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Depressed? Just like humans, dogs can get depressive episodes from time to time, this can stem from both physical injury or disease as well it being a behavioral problem. Many things can trigger a dog to fall into depression. This includes: Loss of the owner or a…

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Bringing Home a New Dog? Make Sure To Follow These Tips

Bring a new dog home, tips

Adopting new dog whether a puppy or an adult can be a rewarding experience but a change in home environment can be a really stressful ordeal for them. Many exhibit fear, anxiety and at time aggression especially if there are other pets in the home.  It is therefore important to make the transition as smooth…

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Identify and Learn How to Deal With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety refers to distressful behavior in dogs due to separation from their owners, dogs are social animals therefore are not well conditioned to live solitary lives or being left alone for long periods of time. There is no clear explanation as to why certain dogs exhibit this behavior but majority usually have the following…

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10 Cool Tips to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Dog Brain Stimulation Exercises

A vital means to have a happy and healthy dog is ensuring that they get enough mental stimulation through dog brain exercises. This helps keep the dog engaged, less irritable and cheerful. Below are some ways to keep the dog mentally stimulated: Play Hide and Go Seek To play this game, start by asking your…

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