choosing a vet

If you have ever bought or adopted a new pet, recently moved into a new location, or possibly you are just not happy with your present veterinarian, you will most likely be seeking a new vet in your city or town. There are several things you may need to ponder when finding a new vet for yourself.

Living with a pet can provide tremendous happiness and pleasure to any family. However, pet ownership also comes with many responsibilities and sometimes can create some anxiety.

Worldwide, families are constantly bringing home many kinds of small animals and the animal instantly becomes a pet and an important part of the family. Nobody can refute the obvious that a family pet is a continuous source of fun and entertainment. Having a pet is also been shown to assist people through stressful and difficult emotional times.

With that said, we all know that our loving pets are not immune to becoming ill, sick, or injured. All pet owners ought to take very special care of their loving pets. If the pet, be it a dog, cat, or whatever, demonstrates significant behavioral or personality changes, it is time to seek the quality veterinary care.

Pet-Veterinary Services Available

One of the first considerations you should know are what services the animal clinic or hospital has to offer. Find out if it is a full service veterinary hospital.

If it is a veterinary or animal clinic, you may need to take it somewhere else for emergencies, diagnostics, special care, or surgery. You will have to decide how important it is to you to have all services available in one location? Also, if finances are a consideration, then find out what types of payments will be accepted at the animal hospital or clinic.

Many different services are performed by veterinarians. Find out what services are provided. What about emergency care? Does the veterinarian offer emergency care service at his/her veterinary hospital or clinic? Or may be they have an affiliation with an emergency hospital or clinic and you have to take your pet there? Then you will need to know how close the emergency services are from you.

These are just a few of considerations to think about before selecting a new veterinarian.

What Kind of Animals Does the Veterinary Hospital See

dog vet

Another question to consider when picking a veterinarian, is what kinds and species of animals does the veterinarian see and treat? If the doctor is a small animal veterinarian, they usually only care for dogs and cats. Sometimes this is referred to as a companion animal vet. However, some small animal vets may also provide vet pet care for small pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, and other similar animals. Be sure to ask prior to setting up an appointment for your pet.

How Far Away is the Animal Hospital or Veterinary Clinic

Depending on your veterinarian needs, how close your vet is to your home may be a consideration. This may be especially true if you have a pet that does not like traveling in a car. With most dogs, this is probably not an issue.

Ask Your Neighbors About Their Vet

A personal approval and recommendation, or simply word of mouth, is in many cases the best method of locating a new veterinarian. Your friends, local breeders, animal/pet organizations are a good beginning in your search.

When owning a dog or cat as a pet, obviously you should approach other dog or cat pet owners in your neighborhood and ask them about their veterinarian.  In this way you will receive direct knowledge and information about possibly where and who to take your dog or cat to if needed. This is one of the better ways choose professional and quality veterinarian.

You also want to have an animal clinic or hospital,  that both your pet and you like and feel comfortable with. You want to go into a veterinary hospital or clinic where you are greeted with a friendly smile and the staff is excited to see you and your pet. This is a great start for a good experience for you both.

Search the Internet for a Veterinarian or Veterinary Animal Hospital

Using the internet is obviously a popular resource for locating veterinarians. In this technology age, most pet animal vets have websites to promote their veterinary practice and pet healthcare services. If they don’t have a website, they may not be up to date on the latest veterinary medical news.


It is usually best to go with a veterinarian who has been practicing veterinary medicine and surgery for a significant time some time. At least 3 to 5 years minimum. Testimonials by clients (either on the vet’s site or other review websites) provide further information about the quality of professional services provided at an individual animal hospital or clinic. Be sure to read the veterinary services page.

This will provide you the services that are offered by the veterinarian without having to call. You want to look for services such as an in-hospital laboratory, general and orthopedic surgery, preferably digital radiography, pet micro chipping, and emergency services to list a few.

You can obtain additional information of the veterinarians and their clinics or hospitals from an online veterinary directories. These online vet directory listing websites allows a veterinarian to list the profile of his/her pet hospital or clinic. Of course, there is Google search and other search engines that will easily list vets in your area.

Other Sources to Look for a Veterinarian

Other places to locate veterinarians include the yellow pages/phone directories , the state/provincial veterinary association directory.


Finding the best veterinarian for you and your pet will take a little time and work. Not all of vets practice the same methods or treatment. You will need to remain patient when searching for veterinarians in your location.