Why You Need A Legitimate Emotional Support Animal Letter

I remember it was fall when a friend of mine, let’s call her Nancy, was called in the middle of the night with a message none of us wants to hear: her daughter who was studying medicine in Chicago had had an accident and Nancy had to rush to her side.

Nancy got off the bed half-asleep, booked the next flight online and started packing, once she was ready she realized her big omission, Candy, her animal support companion for the last seven years did not have an official Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA for short).

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA)?

An ESA letter is an official document issued by a licensed mental health professional stating that your pet alleviates anxiety or stress caused by a mental illness or emotional disability.

Airlines in the United States require that your ESA letter be renewed every year. ESA housing letters do not require renewal.

What Animals Qualify To Be An ESA?

Any domesticated animal can be Emotional Support Animals, these include cats, dogs, and even birds.

It’s important to note that the ESA is not required to undergo any specific training, this is the main difference when compared to a working service dog. The basic requirement that your pet must behave in public and not represent a threat to anybody around you.

Also, animals of any age are accepted as Emotional Support Animal.

See if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter.

What Are The Steps To Get An ESA Letter?

Visit My ESA Doctor to get started today (don’t be like Nancy)

Things to evaluate when getting an ESA Letter

Legal Protection

American Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), before it’s enactment, not much protection was provided to individuals using ESAs. This regulation establishes that reasonable accommodation should be provided for animals providing emotional support.

Air Carrying Act of 1986, it protects your rights to travel with an ESA when using commercial airlines

Fair Housing Act of 1988, enacted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, it protects your rights to bring your ESA to a property you rent even when the Landlord has a no pet policy.

What question will I get asked to get an ESA letter?

If you’re wondering what questions you will need to answer, we have compiled a few of them to give you an idea, however, make sure to click on the “Pre-Qualify Now” button to get a full questionnaire:

The purpose of such a questionnaire is to assess your current mental state and evaluate if your pet supports your emotional wellbeing, please complete a full questionnaire to determine if your pet can qualify as an ESA.

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