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Fastest Dog Breeds Ever?

It is safe to say that all dog breeds enjoy running or participating in activities where there is speed. This is because naturally, most dogs are quick and energetic, but some are more than others. Have you ever thought to yourself: I wonder which dog breeds are the fastest? With hundreds of dog breeds on the planet, certain breeds are quicker than others.

This is the top 10 fastest dog breeds out there – maybe you will be surprised to learn that your furry friend has made the list!


Fastest Dog Breeds: DoghoundsThis breed of dog dates back to 4,000 years ago to the times of Ancient Egypt and Greece. They stand alone in their uniqueness for fast speed, agility, and overall dainty stature that allows them to be so quick. In addition to their speed, Greyhounds were historically known as hunting dogs and amazing ones they were thanks to their ability to reach 45+ mph when running at top speed.

Fast forward to today, greyhounds are also used as racing dogs, although not every business that profits from this are created equal. Greyhounds are lean, fast, and agile dogs that not only make a great running partner but a gentle addition to any family home. Keep in mind that because they can be a medium-larger breed, they fit best in a home with older kids.

Saluki Dogs

Salukhi Dog Breed Very FastSaluki’s date back to Ancient Egypt where they were considered ideal hunting dogs and companions for kings and other noble people. At a glance, one will notice that a Saluki is a rather slim dog, weighing between 35-65 pounds; males typically range in the 65-pound range compared to females.

These dogs come in short or long hair and a variety of colors, such as white, cream, golden, red, black and tan, and tricolor. Saluki’s can reach up to 42.8 mph running at top speed and need an upwards of 50 minutes a day of exercise. This is not the dog to buy if you are not an active individual. If a Saluki, much like any other fast dog, is not exercised fully it can result in boredom and laziness.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Runs FastThis majestic dog is one of the oldest breeds to ever exist. It is also hard to miss with its long, silky fur that makes it appear like it is wearing a luxurious coat. This breed is very independent and proud, so you must properly educate yourself about it before bringing one home to meet the family. Historically, this dog was found to severe leopard’s spines with just their jaw.

The Afghan Hound can reach running speeds of 40 mph and it needs daily exercise. Do not be fooled by the long coat because once it starts running, you will see that its stature is quite thin underneath the thick fur.

Vizsla Breed

Vizsla Dog BreedOriginating in Hungary, this pretty pointer is gentle but quick. The Vizsla is a lean dog that loves to run, so be sure to have a lot of open space or time to go to dog parks if you decide you want to own one.

This breed is part of the sporting breed category, and they make a great hunting partner. It is among one of the fastest dog breeds, as it can reach upwards of 40 mph when full out sprinting. If you are looking for an agile, running partner that also loves to cuddle and keep your toes warm, then this is the dog for you!

German Shepherd

German Shepperd DogKnown for being police or military dog, this breed loves to work and please their owners. They can reach a whopping 30 mph when running top speed, which is amazing considering their size and stature.

The German Shepherd’s back legs sit lower than the rest of its body and this helps with endurance and speed, especially when used as a police dog. If you decide to bring one of these loyal companions home, it is important that you are dedicated to exercising and socializing it. Failure to do either one of these can result in a temperamental dog that will become bored.


Dalmatian Dog Breed One of the FastestThis lean breed loves to be active outdoors. Traditionally, the Dalmatian is recognized for being a fireman’s best friend, but they make great pets for a dedicated family. Dalmatian’s can reach a speed of 30-35 mph, so the more you can take it out for a run or long walk at a dog park the happier it will be.

Keep in mind that this dog can be stubborn so consistent training and reinforcements are necessary for keeping its mind and body satisfied. The Dalmatian is a beautiful breed that has pretty polka dots adorning its fur…if you are quick enough to see them when it is running!


Borzoi Dog BreedMaybe you have heard of this breed and maybe not – it is quite unique, after all! The Borzoi originates in Russia and can reach a running speed of 38 mph which is impressive for this tall, lanky dog. It has similar features to an Afghan Hound but is noticeably different if standing beside one.

The Borzoi is also known as the Russian Wolfhound as it does have physical characteristics to a wolf. That being said, this dog is gentle and relaxed most times if given love and attention from its owner. If you decide to bring one of these fur babies home, you can keep it happy with lots of exercise and stimulation through games or agility.


Whippet Dog BreedThe Whippet is a relative of the Greyhound, hence its similarities. The Whippet is the perfect hunting dog as it loves to go after small game. Additionally, the Whippet does best when participating in agility competitions that allow it to burn extra energy and have fun running. It can reach top speeds of 35 mph which a lot for this smaller built dog.

While running is definitely a passion of this breed, a Whippet also loves spending time with family. This means if you decide to bring one of these calm and loving dogs home, give it lots of love and attention.

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound Dog BreedThe Scottish Deerhound originates from Scotland where it was used as a hunting dog. The furry and soft features of this Deerhound pay homage to its personality, which is calm and cuddly. Despite puppies being mischievous and a bit rambunctious (which puppies aren’t though?), the older they get the better of companions they make.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a dog to play ball with or play with toys, this might not be the best dog! Deerhounds are known for not being too playful with toys or balls. They do make fantastic pets though if given attention and exercise, but they can be a little stubborn!

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier DogDon’t be fooled by the small frame of a Jack Russel Terrier! This little dog can reach a running speed of 25 mph, and its lower stance helps build up endurance and speed to keep it going for what feels like forever! The JRT love to work, hunt (traditional foxes), and be the receiver of all the love and attention in the world.

They are the perfect small dog because while they do love to relax on the couch, they also love to go for long runs and spend time at the dog park chasing everything in sight.