German Shepherd Description

The German Shepherd, also known as an Alsatian,  is a strong dog that is black and tan in color. Some German Shepherds will have blue, white, or silver coats, but this is not considered to be desirable.

The German Shepherd will have a shape that is oblong, and their frame will be muscular. It will have strong jaws, and their eyes are shaped like almonds. German Shepherds also have tails that are bushy. German Shepherds are well known for being used as police dogs and were first introduced in Germany during the 18th century. The first German Shepherd was bred by Max von Stephanitz.

These dogs are very intelligent and obedient to their masters. While they can be serious, they are not vicious. While German Shepherds are comfortable around their owners, they are suspicious of people they aren’t familiar with. German Shepherds need constant companionship and should not be left alone for extended periods of time. Because of their size and strength, they make excellent guard dogs. Today, only the short-haired German Shepherds are registered in dog shows.

Also Known As

Deutscher Schäferhund


A German Shepherd can be a great family dog that can work well with children and other pets. German Shepherds attack people are those which are not trained or bred correctly. Owners will consistently need to train German Shepherds while they’re still puppies. You will also want to make sure you buy these dogs from good breeders. The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They are used by police and are also used to guide people who are blind.

Health Problems

Improper breeding has led to the development of a number of health problems in German Shepherds. One of the most common problems is hip dysplasia. They also have problems with their blood, digestive system, and keratitis. Before you purchase a German Shepherd puppy, you will want to make sure the parents had their hips tested. German Shepherds will have a maximum lifespan of 13 years.


Because of their strength and muscular build, German Shepherds enjoy exercising. While it is possible for them to live indoors, they tend to become lazy. Owners will want to at least have a medium to large-sized yard. These dogs will also want to get exercise on a regular basis.

Special Grooming Needs

German Shepherds are constantly shedding hair. You will want to brush them at least once each day. They will only need to be bathed once or twice each year.