Using the right dose of glucosamine for your dog may help you see promising results or miss the mark completely. Any decent dog supplement will clearly indicate on the label the adequate serving for your dog. Typically, the recommended glucosamine dosage will depend on your dog’s weight.

How much glucosamine for dogs?

Typically, Licensed Veterinarian doctors prescribe a glucosamine dose of 20 mg/day per pound of body weight, small dogs usually get between 5-25 lbs the treatment is 250-500mg ever 24hrs.

For example, dogs of 30lbs should take about 600mg per day while dogs of 60lbs should take 1,200mg/daily. Remember, your Vet might suggest different doses depending on your dog’s specific medical history.

Glucosamine For Dogs Dose Calculator


Can a dog get too much glucosamine and chondroitin?

Yes but in most cases, giving your dog too much glucosamine might just upset his stomach.

As with any other product, make sure to keep an eye on your dog when using a new supplement, in case of doubt it’s always best to visit your vet.

What is the loading dose of glucosamine for dogs?

Typically, the initial dose of glucosamine is on the high end, once your dog shows improvement, the dose can be reduced and commonly kept for the remainder of the dog’s life.

The general consensus is that dogs need 20 mg/day per pound of body weight. For small dogs between 5-25 lbs the treatment is 250-500mg per day.

What is the glucosamine dose for 80 lb dog?

If you use our glucosamine dosage calculator above, you can see that an 80 lbs dog requires 1,600mg of glucosamine per day.

What is the human glucosamine for dogs dosage?

It is difficult to know for sure how much human glucosamine to give your dog, the reason being, human supplements might contain other ingredients that could skew the typical glucosamine dosage recommended for dogs. It’s always best to stick to a glucosamine for dogs supplement that says exactly how much glucosamine you can give your dog.