Pet insurance is designed to make it affordable for any pet owner to provide their dog or cat with the best possible health and accident care. There are several different pet insurance to choose from. Some just cover accidents, some cover illness, and some cover both. Veterinarian costs have skyrocketed (just like everything else), and pet insurance can give you and your pet a little peace of mind.

Dog and cat owners spent about 23 billion in veterinary care. Pet insurance can help take the price tag down and ease the pain.

Your pet might have a severe accident or illness it can mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket to help them recover. Most people learn the hard way that money should not be the deciding factor in whether or not your pet gets the medical treatment they deserve.

How Much Is Pet Insurance a Month For a Dog?

The chart below compares various insurance companies and illustrates that you should expect to pay between $25 and $42 dollars per month for dog insurance.

pet insurance cost
Dog Insurance Cost

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

As time moves forward, we realize that our animal’s health care and choices have improved over time. As pet owners, we have more options now than we did even five years ago. With acupuncture, implants, chemotherapy and more we need insurance to cover these huge costs.

Now, with pet insurance, minor surgeries, heart disease, kidney disease, accidents, and arthritis can be covered, it’s also a good idea to ask if that policy covers for depression in dogs. Animals, like people, are living longer healthier lives because of these treatments. Overall pet health insurance is very affordable. It can range from a few dollars a month for just accident coverage to more than $100 a month for more complex coverage.

Most pet insurance companies have secure online forms to apply and easy online claim procedures. Even MRI ’s, CT scans, and emergency treatment for accidents can be covered.

With most Pet Insurance Programs your pet becomes eligible for coverage at eight weeks old. The insurance stays at its current premium even if your pet develops a health condition. As some of us know an older dog usually has more health problems than a young pup, thus making older dogs more of a risk for the pet insurance company, this is why is it a good idea to get the insurance cheap when the dog is a puppy. Then you have peace of mind all the way through his life.

You can, however, enroll an older pet, of any age, make sure to check with the insurance company you are considering. Sometimes they have pet insurance plans that are called quick care or gold. These are programs for either dogs older than eight years and cats older than ten years.

One thing to remember that most pet insurance companies will offer multiple pet discounts. Make sure to tell them if your dog is up to date with vaccinations and tick control like Nexgard. Also, some breeds and some pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

Just think if you went on a trip and your pet had an accident. I had a friend who decided her dog would never have an accident because he was a “house” dog, then came Christmas when he ate the poinsettia and ended up at the emergency vet on Christmas Eve. That cost her a pretty penny, more than two thousand dollars to be more exact.

Now she has pet insurance for her dog and her cat but still paying back the loan she had to get to cover for the poinsettia incident, don’t let this happen to you.

When you are looking at pet insurance companies be sure to look at the max benefit for accidents. Some don’t have a cap; they offer unlimited coverage for accidents and others do not. Also, see if your pet insurance is covered in other states, in case you travel with your pooch.

Piece of mind is priceless. You owe it to yourself get a pet health insurance. The cost is minimal when you think that this could save your beloved pet’s life.

These Ten Reasons Will Compel You To Get A Pet Insurance

As a pet owner, you might not realize it, but health insurance is available to cover your pet’s medical care and treatments. People have many reasons to buy pet insurance, just as health insurance is always a good idea for humans.

It’s a fail-safe way to make sure that health care is available for your beloved pet, regardless of the cost of treatment. These reasons will help you understand that your pet insurance is a good idea:

  1. Pet insurance pays for vital, preventive health care for your pet, this includes regular check-ups and shots, both of which prevent disease and increases the likelihood of early detection of any problems or illness. Preventive care dramatically increases the probability of a longer life span for your pet.
  2. Covers expensive treatments like radiation therapy and kidney replacements, so if your pet has a severe disease or condition, he’s covered, regardless of cost.
  3. Pet insurance covers expensive diagnostics and hospitalization expenses for pets. If the veterinarian isn’t sure what’s wrong with your pet and he needs multiple tests, this takes the stress off and allows your pet to be treated for what’s really wrong with him.
  4. If your dog or cat is in an accident, emergency medical care is covered.
  5. You get a new puppy or kitten (or any other kind of pet) and quickly find that he has a chronic disorder like parvovirus in dogs or feline leukemia in kittens. The treatment for parvo or feline leukemia is expensive and long-term. It pays for continuous medication and monthly vet visits if your pet needs continuing care. Having pet insurance to pay for it may keep your new pet from dying because of your lack of funds.
  6. Certain pet insurance companies will reimburse for you to board your animal if you are going to be away from home.
  7. Pet insurance can cost very little per month. Medical expenses for pets, while typically only about ten percent of medical personnel expenditures, still can run into the thousands. Pet insurance reduces this amount.
  8. The best pet insurance plans will cover some of the cost to spay or neuter your pet, which is vital in helping to reduce the number of strays or abandoned pets.
  9. When you have several pets, and they all require medical attention for an illness at the same time, pet insurance can be a godsend. No one should have to make the agonizing decision of choosing which pet to treat.
  10. Pet insurance can save the life of your pet, without putting a hurting on your wallet. It’s a terrible thing to be forced to let a pet die merely because you can’t afford the treatment.

See How Pet Liability Insurance Can Stop You From Going Broke

Pet liability insurance is a handy insurance for pet owners to have. Pets can be unpredictable and lead to unwanted damage and often injury for which you can be held liable. According to statistics, dog bites are among the top claims in the U.S with more than a million reported every year, this is why is very important to consider a dog muzzle to avoid incidents.

A lot depends upon your neighborhood and type of pet. If you are living in an apartment in a congested area the likelihood of an accident increases and let’s face it, not everyone loves pets as you do. Some people dislike dogs, and some are allergic to cats.

Liability Insurance for Large Dogs

It is a good idea to go for pet insurance for certain breeds of dogs such as Dobermans, Pit bulls, German Shepherds, etc. Large dogs are energetic and also sometimes aggressive.

Exotic Pets

Another category of pets that warrants consideration for pet liability insurance is that of exotic pets such as reptiles, birds, and chinchillas. Snakes and spiders pack a mean bite that can be venomous as well. Birds can carry viruses. Something as innocuous as a lizard may carry salmonella.

You have to be careful because it is unavoidable that your pets will come into contact with people in the form of visitors to your place, people outside, pet sitters, etc. Pet insurance companies offer specific pet insurance policies designed for pet sitters.

You should look up an insurance company that covers the type of pet you own under its pet liability scheme. Earlier there was a greater chance of you getting coverage under homeowners insurance for damage done by pets, but now this type of cover is not so easy to find; primarily because of the large number of claims related to accidents caused by pets.

There are chances that you may be denied pet insurance if your pet has a history of violence, has attacked people before, or belongs to an aggressive breed.

What Does Pet Liability Insurance Cover?

Pet liability insurance will cover the cost of damage done to a party that is legally on the pet owner’s premises. This insurance does not cover attacks on trespassers. While pet liability insurance gives you some financial cover, you can still be hauled to a court of law if your pet causes grievous injury to a person. A pet liability insurance cannot save you from going to jail if the courts to decide.

If you think that pet liability insurance is essential for you then you can try and boost your chances of getting pet insurance by getting your pet to clear some pet obedience training courses; neuter males so that they lose their aggressive edge, prevent your pets from straying away from your property; and having the animal on leash when outside.

What Are The Best Insurance Companies For Pets?

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