Hero Mobility Upgraded Hip & Joint Supplement For Dogs

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✔️ Formulated with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. A powerful combination for maximum pain relief, inflammation, and joint and hip pain.

✔️ Loaded with Organic Hemp Seed Meal,  a great source of protein, Omega-6 fats, Vitamin E, B, D3, and Calcium.

✔️ Also contains Turmeric (Curcumin), a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

✔️ Perfect for mature and senior dogs but even younger pets can benefit by using Ruff Hero mobility as a preventative.

❌ No GMO or fillers that might cause allergies and upset your dog’s digestive system.

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Formulated By Dog Health Experts


Glucosamine + Chondroitin +MSM Formula

Targets inflammation, repairs cartilage and alleviates joint aches, also perfect as preventative to keep your dog healthy and active much longer.


Natural & Organic Hemp Seed Meal

Reduces joint pain, contains powerful antioxidants and Omega 6 keeps your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.


The Secret That Makes It All Work?

Organic turmeric curcumin with powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidant properties combined with black pepper for maximum effectiveness.

ruff hero organic dog joint supplement hero mobility

Absolutely NO Harmful Fillers

Other brands fill their chews with low quality and harmful ingredients, we don’t. Instead, we use a natural blend of brown rice, oat flour and flaxseed meal mixed with carrots, beets, apples, celery, lemon and cucumber.

Know Your Product

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Where is this product made?

Our supplements are all made in the United States.

Are these ingredients safe?

Yes, we’ve made sure to only use premium quality ingredients sourced in the USA.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

If you are not 100% satisfied with our product simply drop us a line and will issue a prompt refund, we will only accept your money if our product helps your dog.

How soon will I receive my order?

It depends where you are located but our customers typically receive their products within 4-6 days after placing their order.

Does Glucosamine really work?

There are numerous studies showing the correlation between giving a glucosamine based supplement to your dog and noticeable improvement in mobility and reduced inflammation, need to know more? check our glucosamine for dogs in-depth article.

40 reviews for Hero Mobility Upgraded Hip & Joint Supplement For Dogs

  1. Keith K.

    Our dog is in her teens and arthritis has been a problem in her back legs for years now. A lot of the time she hops with her back legs instead of walking and it’s tough watching her age. While she’s only been taking Ruff Hero a few days now, she does seem to be a little more active moving around the house and actually stepping like she should. I’ll update this review in a few weeks but so far, Ruff Hero has made a major difference.

    As far as the chews go, they’re pretty small so you can use them for dogs of all sizes (dogs under 10 pounds get 1 per day, 10-20 pounds get 2 per day, etc. My 94 pound dog gets 5 per day). I fed these to both my dogs and they both ate them immediately, so they look at these like treats and not supplements. They’re supposed to be chicken flavor but obviously I can’t verify that since I haven’t tried them. The chews are also very soft and you can squish them in your fingers if necessary, so they’re not difficult for your dog to chew up.

    Again, I can only say so much after using this product for four days…but so far I’m very encouraged that if will make my older dog’s hip pain bearable. We’ve been thinking about putting her down since she’s obviously been in pain, so my wife and I are thrilled that these chews appear to work well. I’ll definitely be making this a regular monthly order from now on.

  2. Anthony

    Our Sheltie has severe arthritis, there were days he could barely stand and walk. After using Ruff Hero he is moving around with ease. Thank you.

  3. Customer

    Too soon to see any difference yet

  4. Maureen

    My dog hates these, have to cover them in cheese whiz in order to get him to eat them.

  5. JM

    My dog still has pain, she loves them, 11 years old.
    I can only hope they are doing some good.

  6. Customer

    Cannot get either of my dogs to eat these. If I hide them in their food they will eat around them and leave them behind. Tried wrapping them in cheese slices and the odd piece makes it into them. One dog is fussy anyhow but the other eats pretty much anything except for these.

  7. dgshepard

    I’ve been using a different brand of this kind of product & my 15 year (young)Dog refused them. As of today she really likes these soft chewy pills!

  8. Sierra Brandel

    This is a great product with clean ingredients. After going through a painful end-of-life with my male boxer, I’ve been extra careful with my female who’s now 7 years old. Zero hip or skin problems since using this product. These vitamins are easy to dose and dogs love them.

  9. Jenniferbrk1

    Dog did not like couldn’t get her to eat them

  10. Dwight504

    Our dogs love them. Our dogs also hate pills so this is great.

  11. Jessica V. Meter

    My dog really likes them. He wasn’t having issues, so I’m not sure if they’re helping him any, but I’m hoping they’ll prevent him from developing any premature problems.

  12. baking

    I bought this product after my westie mix injured his leg. I’ve used glucosamine and chondrointin before and this product looked interesting due to the other ingredients. Wow!! Oliver quit limping within about 5 days. He loved the chewies-thought they were a treat not medicine. I also gave them to my basset bc she always had a clicking sound in her right hip. That’s gone too. I will continue to give this product to my pups as maintenance.

  13. Kimo

    Too soon to tell if the product is actually working. I have no issues with my German shepherd eating them and they have not caused any digestive issues.

  14. Sara S.

    My 18 year old Beagle/Jack Russell was having a hard time with her back legs. Ever since I bought this and give them to her regularly she has been doing much better! Thanks for giving me a while longer with her!

  15. Customer

    I don’t know if they help my Yorkies joints …but it’s a blessing to not fight with her to take it…..she loves them!

  16. Christy

    Great product!

  17. Gisele

    Le chef en aime moins cette saveur

  18. chmor163

    My dog, who’s the least picky dog in the whole damn world, refused to eat the chew when I gave it to her (I give her other supplements daily and she eats when with enthusiasm). So I hid the chew in a piece of cheese and half an hour later she was sick and vomited all over the carpet (she hadn’t been sick in years). Never again.

  19. Nancy T.

    I gave this product to my 13 year old pug to make her feel better. She was having trouble walking in the morning and was stiff. Within a couple of doses she was more comfortable

  20. Mickey

    These joint supplement treats are perfect for our dog who has had trouble with his back legs. He loves them as treats and they deliver joint boosting ingredient that he wouldn’t otherwise have in his diet. The label is clear and the container arrived sealed with fresh treats.

  21. Masukul A.

    I am happy with my purchase as this supplement improve immune system of my dod and it seems to work well. Moreover its made in USA. Recommended.

  22. scott f.

    Makes my 15 year old with hip issues act like a spry puppy with lots of energy. Great product.

  23. Nanette M.

    I love that my dog loves to eat her vitamin! She has a knee problem and since I’ve been giving her this vitamin, she’s getting better. This product has great vitamins, and has Turmeric which I love and take this supplement myself.

  24. nancy theroux

    I gave this product to my 13 year old pug to make her feel better. She was having trouble walking in the morning and was stiff. Within a couple of doses she was more comfortable

  25. John

    I found this product after doing a ton of research, needed something good for my Husky. These chews have clean ingredients and a much higher concentration of glucosamine than most products out there. On top of that, they added hemp meal and turmeric which is a great combination if you’re looking for joint pain relief for your pooch. Highly recommend this brand.

  26. Fawjia I.

    After trying many other glucosamine for dog products we found RuffHero and it’s just what we wanted, healthy ingredients and made in the US. Not sure about you but I’d never buy supplements made in third world countries. Sheela is 8 and started to show signs of joint pain in her front legs so after some research we decided to give her a joint supplement and it’s been much better since we started.

  27. K. Shaw

    This is Frankie’s second container. I started this cause I noticed him limping. We walk an hour, twice a day. He as asking to go home thirty minutes in. I bought a container, thought I saw a difference. Half way through this second container I’m not seeing the limp, and he’s going an hour a whack. We walk rough terrain, up a mountain and through woods. Frankie is a rescued Boxer mix. Somewhere in his teens.

  28. Shoeaddict

    I purchased this because my small dog, who is having problems with her hips and going up steps, needed something to help her and I prefer using hemp over other meds. It seems to be helping, so I will continue buying this😍
    Just ordered my third jar!!

  29. Xanaeli

    My dogs is much better since I am giving this supplement. Bought another bottle to keep going.

  30. Linda D

    This is the one supplement that seemed to work on my dogs. They seemed calmer and moved a lot better.

  31. DebbiC

    My oldest pup is 9, i bought this as a preventative. She wasn’t having any issues. Im hoping this keeps them at bay. She does like the flavor so no trouble getting her to take them

  32. M.J.

    My 5-year-old Boxer gobbles these down! She tore her meniscus and ACL about two months ago and had been through therapy and expensive medication from the Vet. We are giving these a try and will update after a few weeks to see if the soreness and stiffness are reduced and the mobility improves.

  33. Laurie A

    3 out of 4 dogs won’t eat them.

  34. Heather

    My dog loves these! I was looking for glucosamine for my senior dog when I came across Ruff Hero and decided to give it a try. It’s a bit soon to see results but in previous years I have given glucosamine it to my other senior dogs for joint pain and had great results. I will review again after a months use. It is an added bonus that these have other effective natural ingredients. I also like that I don’t have to hide them. My dog thinks they are a treat! I will be re-purchasing and have been recommending to my friends and famiy:)

  35. Maurice

    We searched high and low for a quality product with lots of glucosamine for the dollar; we settled on this one. It works fine on our 13-year old, 70# Cobberdog (a.k.a. Multigen Australian Labradoodle). When we ran out of the previous supplement she started to moan after about a week. It took several weeks on this product and one from the local pet store before this abated. Our dog is fussy about new things, even treats. She spits these out! However, we cut them up and put them into her kibble and she does not know the difference. For our dog, at least, glucosamine works to relieve arthritis.

  36. Alyssa

    Bought these for our 9 year old Labrador to help with his mobility and energy levels. Within the last couple weeks alone we’ve already started to notice an increase in his energy and playfulness…best part is he LOVES them!

  37. Diane

    Have to say that only one of my dogs will eat the treats but at least it is the dog who needed it the most. My australian shepherd did some damage to her ACL (knee) last summer. It wasnt thorn so didnt need to do the surgery but was told she would need to more sedentary (not run, etc) to protect her knee. That dog is happy when she is free and running so that news broke my heart. There was no way I couldnt let her run and be happy. I purchased these glucosamine treats that I give her daily and she is running as if she was still a young pup. Highly recommend for any dog suffering from arthritis, etc… Give them relief so they can continue to play and be happy.

  38. keira

    I bought this for my aging husky who is having issues with her hip joints. She really loves them and looks forward to her morning “treats”. Too soon to see a difference but it can’t hurt 🙂

  39. B. A.

    Our Shih Tzu likes the flavour, and you can tell after only few days how much this product improves his health. Thank you!

  40. Jocelyn

    This product has become a staple in my dogs health. I am so pleased with the results and my boy really enjoys the taste. He rushes over to get his “medicine”.

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