Description of the Rottweiler breed

The Rottweiler is a large, powerful dog that has gained a ferocious reputation over the years. It is very muscular and is highly active. It has a muzzle that features excellent proportions, and it will have dark eyes. Rottweilers have ears which are triangular in shape. Both their nose and lips are black in color.

Rottweiler  dog breed

Rottweilers naturally have tails that are not docked, but many owners dock them for cosmetic purposes. They have coats which are short and firm. The ideal Rottweiler will be black and brown in color. Rottweiler females are known for having large litters that can consist of as many as eleven puppies.

The word Rottweiler comes from the name of a German town called Rottweil. Rottweilers were first bred hundreds of years ago, and share traits with the Italian Mastiff. During this time it was primarily used to deal with herds. By the 18th century, the Rottweiler was an endangered breed, but would soon become popular. This dog has gained a bad reputation in recent years because of inexperienced breeders who breed dogs which are too aggressive.

Country of Origin


Temperament of Rottweilers

Contrary to popular belief, Rottweilers have stable temperaments. They can be trained, and are renowned for their courage. After German Shepherds, they are the most commonly used police dogs. They can be vicious when it comes to protecting their owners or property. They have high levels of endurance and are able to endure excessive amounts of pain.

These dogs must be trained correctly, or they will be too aggressive. These dogs should only be purchased by people who can handle them. They are guard dogs by nature and have been used in this capacity for hundreds of years. Rottweilers are also good with children and other pets as long as they are trained correctly.

Health Problems

Diseases that are common to Rottweilers include entropion, ACL, and hip dysplasia. The maximum life span for a Rottweiler is approximately 12 years.


Rottweilers were bred for extensive physical activities, a need large amounts of exercise. It is difficult to exercise these dogs too much because they enjoy it. Taking them for a run in a wide-open area will bring joy to them. However, Rottweilers should always be kept on leashes when they are around other people.

Special Grooming Needs

Rottweilers have sleek coats that are easy to care for. You will want to use a brush which has strong bristles. You should only bathe these dogs when they need it. Rottweilers shed standard amounts of fur.