Did you know that four out of five senior dogs have some sort of periodontal disease? This is why the America Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends dental checkups for seniors at least once a year.

Dog teeth care is a necessary step in removing plaque that may cause dental problems in your pet. In addition, taking care of your dog’s teeth will protect them from pain, tooth loss and improve their general health.

Here are our top reasons why senior dog teeth care is so important.

Reduces bad breath

senior dog teeth cleaningBad breath is among the worst things that your pet could have. Persistent bad doggy breath is a sign of excessive buildup of odor-producing bacteria in your senior’s teeth, tartar or gum disease. Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly will definitely keep you from stinky kisses from your pet!

Dental problems affect the overall health of your pet

Periodontal disease can introduce bacteria to other parts of your dog’s system such as the gut and lungs. Eventually, it could affect organs such the heart by causing severe microscopic damage. Oral health, therefore, has a daily impact on the health of your dog.

Prevents painful loss of teeth

Senior dogs that do not receive dental care experience teeth loss which is indeed painful. Your pet may have a cracked tooth or periodontal disease that damages gum but they might not show it. This leaves your four-legged friend in chronic pain that eventually leads to traumatic loss of teeth.

Dental exams are comprehensive

The veterinarian attending to your dog will offer comprehensive examinations that will help identify dental diseases early, as well as any other painful problems that your pet could be experiencing such as cracked teeth. They will also offer invaluable tips on how to keep your senior’s teeth in great shape.

A healthy dog is a happy dog

dog teeth cleaning careGood dental care will go a long way in extending a dog’s life. Most veterinarians have admitted that patients who have had painful teeth removed have shown remarkable improvement in overall health and behavior. There is no better reason for you to take up dog teeth care other than the satisfaction of seeing your pet in a jovial mood free from dental problems.

Allows you to save on Vet bills

Dog teeth care will keep your senior from infections, complications and diseases that may require you to spend money on oral surgery or medications. Preventive health care is very important in curbing periodontal diseases which have no known cure. Taking time to brush your pet’s teeth, checking their gums and choosing appropriate toys will definitely save you from high veterinary bills down the road.

Bottom line

Dental care in dogs is just as important as it is in humans. While all dogs need to have their teeth cleaned regularly, seniors demand more attention to keep them free from periodontal diseases. It is surprising to know that few people actually pay attention to their dog’s dental health, a fact that denies their canine friends’ good health and a great white smile. Begin dog teeth care today and stand out from the rest!